Trolley Collection

Trolley Collection

7 Master has been providing trolley collection services to major outlets such as supermarkets and shopping centres throughout Australia for decades. All our personnel go through extensive training to carry out procedures that will yield excellent results and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Our consolidated street runs can cover a large number of your stores at any one time and we can cover a region of your choice as well. We work within a large radius to assure a consistent flow of trolleys to be collected to your trolley bay as well as working closely with your store manager and local authorities to keep the streets clear of abandoned trolleys. We have drivers full time that can work with you to service each location as efficiently as possible to our client's satisfaction.  Each site will also be supervised with Local Managers, Regional Managers, and State Managers to ensure a smooth and effective solution for your needs. All our staff are provided with full training to effectively meet your requirements and provide you with a service you know you can count on.

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